BeroNet Failover Switch

Κατασκευαστής: Beronet
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: BERO-0098
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Disasters in a communication network are often very difficult to predict and there is usually a very small advance notice when a communication line goes down. beroFos provides an effective way for dealing with such unexpected events by re-routing the lines to a back-up line when undesirable changes are detected.
Therefore beroNet provides beroFos, a solution device for PBX Clustering and failover scenarios that requires a physical reconnection of analog, BRI or PRI lines. In addition to this properties, beroFos has two individually switchable powerports on the rear panel, for remote power on /power off or reboot the respective connected devices. Two failover scenarios, Failover and Bypass mode, are supported.

Key Features

  • PSTN Failover device
  • 2 switchable current connections
  • 4BRI / 4PRI switchable
  • Compatible with any PBX
  • Technology independent (Analog, ISDN)
  • Failover and Bypass Scenario
  • Long-lasting and reliable - no moving parts
  • Automated Failover via Watchdog
  • Administrable via easy to use Web GUI
  • Alarm function: visual, audio & via Mail

 PartnerNET beroNet Failover Switch Datasheet

  • 2-year warranty


Failover Failover Scenario
The failover scenario grants the smooth and reliable operation of two PBXs side by side, where the second one will be switched to active only after the failure of the first one in order to reduce downtime to a minimum (see figure). This scenario is not only interesting in failure situations, it could also be used in cases of maintenance, repair or upgrade of your telecommunications equipment.
Bypass Bypass Scenario
The bypass scenario is interesting for customers who want to keep their old telephone system and add new functionlalities by adding a new PBX in front of the old one (eg by an Asterisk system). With the bypass scenario you have the opportunity to add a new PBX between the PSTN Lines and the outgoing Lines of the old PBX system. In the case of a failover, the PSTN Lines will transparently reconnected to the existing old PBX (see figure).
Κατασκευαστής BeroNet
Τύπος Προϊόντος Failover Switch
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