Fanvil X7C Enterprise Gigabit Color IP Phone

Κατασκευαστής: Fanvil
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: FNVL-0032
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With a modern, clear design, Fanvil X7C is a high-end enterprise IP phone for business users who need immediate access to all of their important information. In addition to a 5-inch high-resolution color screen, the telephone also features 20 SIP lines, HD audio with Opus support, up to 60 DSS keys (12 physical), Built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity & more!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 20 SIP lines, 3-way conference, hotspot
  • 5" high-resolution color display
  • 2 Gigabit ports, integrated PoE
  • HD audio on speakerphone & handset
  • Up to 60 DSS keys entries available (12 physical)
  • Built-in Bluetooth for connecting Bluetooth headset
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (via Wi-Fi dongle)
  • Video codec H.264 support for receiving video calls
  • EHS headset support 
  • Compatible with major platforms:3CX, Avaya, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Metaswitch, Elastix etc.
  • Stand with 2 adjustable angles of 40 & 50 degrees
  • 1 Year Warranty

 PartnerNET Fanvil X7C Datasheet

5" Capacitive Color Display:
The telephone's 5" large color display offers convenient access to all key information such as call lists, phonebook & functions.

HD audio for speakerphone & handset:
Newly-added support for Opus and a larger audio cavity bring abundant, strong low frequency audio effect. The speakerphone adopts full net coverage delivering crystal clear, life-like voice communication.

Up to 60 DSS Key Entries:
12 DSS keys on side of the display feature multi-colored LEDs, ensuring they are easy to see. Up to 60 DSS key entries are available over 5 pages & each key can be individually configured with speed dial, call forwarding, BLF, group broadcasting function etc.

Deliver HD Video Call with IP Camera/SIP Video Door Phone Integration:
Equipped with video codec H.264, X7C enables to be integrated with your IP camera or Fanvil SIP video door phone, so that you can have a two-way talk with visitors & unlock the door from your X7C IP phone if you deem them worthy.

Packaging Contents:

X7C Enterprise IP Phone
Handset & Spiral cord
Back Rack
1.5m CAT5 Ethernet cable

Please Note:
The External Power Supply Unit, EU PSU DC input 5V-2A output, is not included in the package, please order separately

Κατασκευαστής Fanvil
Τύπος Προϊόντος Deskphone
SIP Λογαριασμοί 20
HD Audio ΝΑΙ
Οθόνη Αφής ΟΧΙ
Οθόνη Color
Ethernet Port Gigabit
Bluetooth ΝΑΙ
Επεκτάσιμο ΟΧΙ
Εγγύηση 1 Χρόνο
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